Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Handoff to Jan-Harm

With the bag in hand Heinrich put his ear to the door until he heard nothing. Then he quietly opened the door, stepped into the hall, closed the door and locked it. Putting the key into his pocket, Heinrich retraced his steps back home. He felt quite paranoid as he carried the bag, hoping that no one would notice him. On the way he heard the church bells chime seven times. Not bad for an hour’s worth of undercover work - but he still had to get it to Jan-Harm.
It took four days to complete the gate. It was a handsome piece with curved details. He had it loaded into the wagon and put his most trusted employee in charge of the shop since it would take the better part of a day to reach Dessau. The carpetbag was placed under the footboard for safekeeping. Heinrich crossed over the Elbe river and headed west. He stopped to eat some cheese and bread around noon on this beautiful spring day.
At the crossroads before Dessau, Heinrich looked at the map. It indicated he was to take the road to the right a short distance and enter through an arched gate that was framed on each side by four large trees. He found it and followed the road to the house, admiring the fine estate with its gardens and buildings. Heinrich stopped the wagon in front of the house and tied the reins around a fence. He then took the bag, went up to the door and used the knocker to herald his arrival. It took but a few seconds before the door swung open. There stood a girl, about 12 or so, who turned her head and said, “Father, someone is here”. Soon, Jan-Harm appeared and let out a smile.
Heinrich followed Jan-Harm through a few rooms and halls until they came to a study. He took a seat in a comfortable looking leather chair while Jan-Harm did the same. Heinrich soaked in the room’s ambience with its collection of books, colorful paintings, and  lush furnishings. His attention was caught by a watercolor that hung above the desk. He saw the stylized signature of a D inside an A and exclaimed, “That’s a Durer!”. “Why, yes it is”, said Jan-Harm; “I got that from Albrecht when he came back from his trip to Italy.” When Jan-Harm sensed that Heinrich was ready, he asked, “How was the mission and your trip?”  Heinrich replied, “Everything went well and the trip was enjoyable.” He gave the bag to Jan-Harm. “I trust you’ll find everything here.” Heinrich took out the key and gave it to Jan-Harm, who promptly put it into his pocket, and replied, “Excellent! Your efforts are greatly appreciated; thank you.” Heinrich said, “Please tell Martin that I hope he is doing well, and that Germany needs him to help us know the truth - wherever he is.” Jan-Harm replied, “Aye, he is well; and with these materials, he’ll be doing just that.”
to be continued...

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