Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unpacking Luther’s Baggage, chapter 3, page 1 (Sidebar)

On this the fifth day of Succot, I encourage everyone to watch a speech that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave this past week at the United Nations. I was greatly impressed by his courage, honesty, and the righteousness of his message. I was also saddened by the injustice of the world and the apathy of the nations. I firmly believe that we as Christians need to support and pray for Israel, especially for the Messianic Jews who live there. Here is the embedded link to start it off. It is broken into 4 video clips of 5-7 minutes each.

In the next post, I want to summarize what I've presented so far and list the goals that I have for this blog. I will leave you with a question. We are in the midst of the third of the Biblical Fall Feasts. Assuming that you went to church during this time, how many of you heard it mentioned from the pulpit or in some other way in church that these Feasts were going on? You may recall in Revelation 3:16 where Jesus is speaking to the Laodiceans - He would prefer that they were hot or cold rather than lukewarm. The majority of churches today are lukewarm on this subject, in that they ignore God's Biblical Feasts. It is one of the symptoms that I will address.
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