Friday, June 22, 2012

The Day After the Invocavit Series

It was just after sunrise on the day after the sermon series when Heinrich went to the back yard to have some privacy as he pondered the state of things.  As he sat down in a chair that faced their overgrown garden in the early morning mist, he watched a squirrel scramble through the vines that weaved in their fence - while his mind maneuvered through its own thicket.
He wondered what God had intended when He set the church in motion, for surely the whole span of events was predestined – and yet, did not man have a role to play in its outcome? What did God think of the huge cathedrals, popes, cardinals, and priests with their control over the Bible and the common people who were kept from it? Doctor Martin was taking on the whole establishment while Frederick the Wise kept the peace, but why was this even needed? What was the Roman Church afraid of? Didn’t they see the contradiction of their actions when compared with the Beatitudes? How could they torture and kill someone who was trying to learn the truth? What was so dangerous in the Bible that the authorities forbade a person to read it or translate it? And what about the link with Jewish things? Heinrich had looked in a mirror after Mother’s new revelation that she was Jewish to see if he had features that would “give him away.” But why should it matter to anyone anyway? But it did, for Jews were not allowed in this province; they had been expelled many years ago.
He looked up into the sky above the rising sun and whispered, “Oh Lord, I don’t understand all of this, but I know you do; somehow make it clearer to me and help me know what you expect of me.”
As he considered a reprise, Heinrich heard the door open behind him; his mother was soon at his side.  As he turned to face her, she said, “It’s peaceful this time of day; I often come here to think and pray.” Heinrich added, “Yes, that’s why I’ve come too.” She replied, “I know I’ve given you a lot to think about; in fact, I made your world a lot more complicated. I don’t know if I should be sorry for that or not.” Heinrich imagined where his mother was coming from, but also considered the implications that could impact his own life, before he said, “Truth is a hard thing sometimes; you did what you needed to and I’m kind of glad for it. It adds a new dimension to things. I think the way things are with the Church is not what God had in mind. We have gotten off the path and we need to find it again. Perhaps you have revealed the way back to where we should be."

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