Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Family Responds to Rebekah

Happy Hannukah to you!    Resuming Luther's Baggage...

Heinrich, Sarah, and Freyda were spellbound as Rebekah spoke. They ached with her when she related her tragedies and misfortunes. Heinrich had all he could do to keep from saying he wanted to marry and protect her. He finally had the question that was on his mind answered: are you engaged to anyone? Freyda spoke first with emotion, “My dear Rebekah, I had no idea; I certainly share in your grief, for I’ve come through some of the same things. You are very brave and, though it’s been just a few days, I believe I speak for all of us when I say ‘we love you and would do anything to help you.’ We have greatly enjoyed being with you and will miss you very much.” Sarah spoke next, “I’m so sorry to hear of all of this. I totally agree with Mom - you are like a sister to me and I’m definitely going to miss you.” It was Heinrich’s turn, but what should he say? As he cleared his throat, everyone turned towards him. He knew what he wanted to say was at odds with what he should say. “Rebekah, I too am so sorry. I want to help you. On Sunday I’m going to take you to a safe place; I don’t want what happened when I first met you to happen again – but how can I help you after that? I will miss you more than I can say – somehow I feel this story is not over, it has only just begun.” Rebekah replied first to Heinrich, “I don’t think you can help me after I leave, except to pray. Perhaps we will meet again; I hope we will meet again – all of you,” as she turned her glance to everyone.

Everyone had their say so they all sat back and watched the fire. Finally, Heinrich asked Rebekah, “If I may ask, how many other names are there in this network and where are they located? I was wondering how many places you’re going to visit and how much danger you’ll be in.” Rebekah answered, “Of course I can’t tell you that - not because I don’t know or don’t want to say, but it would be best for all concerned that no one knows that. I don’t need to go everywhere since I have already communicated with some of them through this same process. It’s just that some of the members, like yourselves, have no one left to communicate with. The tools are therefore loose and vulnerable. Perhaps tomorrow will yield one of those tools.”

“Speaking of tomorrow,” added Freyda, “it’s getting near bedtime and morning comes early. I suggest we go to sleep.” Though Heinrich would rather have stayed up late talking to Rebekah, he deferred to the rest who seemed to agree that sounded reasonable, so each got up and went through their routines to make ready for the night, saying 'guten nacht' to each other as they crossed paths. Heinrich took a last glance of Rebekah as he ascended the stairs. Going to sleep was a little bit like the night before Christmas; excitement about what the new day would bring, yet sadness because it was one day closer to the last day with Rebekah; hopefully he would dream of her until then.

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