Saturday, January 19, 2013

You found your treasure!

This abrupt change from mystery to destruction struck Heinrich in an odd way. He wanted to know more about how it worked by deciphering some messages, but held his thoughts for the moment. As everyone was pondering the fate of these things, Heinrich remembered the remaining item in the bag, so he said, “I almost forgot! There is one more thing in here!” He promptly withdrew the bag within the bag, opened its drawstring, and spilled out its contents which clinked and clanged on the table. The glittering, golden disks widened everyone’s eyes. “You found your treasure!” said Rebekah. Heinrich was about to answer, but was beat by Sarah, “I’ve never seen so much money!” Freyda said in amazement, “Where did Hans get this? And what was it for?”

Heinrich counted 22 large coins, and said, “We’ll have to see how much these are worth – but who do you ask without raising questions?” No one knew who to ask, since there were no replies. Heinrich said, “I don’t know where father got this money or what he intended to use it for, but perhaps there is a clue in that book. I’d like to take some time reading it.”

Looking at his mother, Heinrich said, “Did father say anything before he died that can shed light on this?” This obviously was a somber subject to think about for Freyda, but she said, “His heart attack came very suddenly; he was essentially incoherent by the time I saw him. There were a few times he tried to speak but I don’t remember hearing any words; I was in shock, you know. You and Sarah came in during the last few hours; do you remember anything?” Heinrich was having flashbacks of that time as Mother spoke, but he was coming up short as well, “no; it was just a silent sad vigil until he died. All of these items and Father’s involvement in this network are mysteries.” At this point Heinrich’s mind continued to think differently about all of this information. He continued, “Perhaps some of the living members of this network can help us! I assume they all communicated with each other - maybe someone even spoke with Father. We can’t just destroy these clues – they may be the only link we have to this subversive world that he was a part of.” Rebekah became alarmed at the thought; she was so close to resolving this present danger, as she saw it, and here it was unraveling. She began to cry and said, “But we need to end this; people have died, and others are in danger – we are in danger.” Heinrich was torn. It was like the temptation of the Tree of Knowledge versus the Tree of Life. Was knowing the difference between good and evil better than ignorance? He flirted with the thought that Rebekah was hiding these so-called clues because she knew something that he did not – something that would be of benefit to her, but only if she got them and Heinrich did not. Ah, but Heinrich considered this thought as one of Satan’s lies, to turn him against Rebekah.  More to the point, what he said caused Rebekah’s tears and he certainly didn’t want that, so he said, “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to upset your plan, or to upset you.” He would have given anything to hold her, but he couldn’t.

Ever the peacemaker, Freyda interjected, “So much has happened today - this week! Why don’t we step back and calm down? If only I could offer you some chicken soup!” At this everyone smiled and relaxed a bit.” Sarah said, “Perhaps we could help you make some. It’s therapeutic to think while you’re cutting vegetables.” Heinrich added, “Since we don’t have a chicken handy, how about we change that to Vegetable soup?” Freyda replied, “Sounds good to me – I’ll get some herbs.” Not to be left out, Rebekah added, “I’ll do whatever needs doing.” Freyda responded, “We’ll need the fire ready to boil some water.” Rebekah said, “OK, I’ll do that,” whereupon she stoked the fire as Sarah filled the pot with water. They were all happier when they worked together on a common goal. But Heinrich’s desire remained and he put it on hold for now.

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