Saturday, August 30, 2014

Getting Ready for Havdalah

“I think I know who did it; in fact I met him today. It was one of those men who was after Rebekah that night. He said something that I now understand: he said he knew where I lived and told me that Frederick didn’t approve of Jews living here. I’m sure he told one of Frederick’s officials about us and it was one of them who came here. You were clever in your answer, though you didn’t exactly tell the whole truth.” He said this with a sardonic grin. Freyda responded, “Well, perhaps my facts were a little off; but it was true - she wasn’t in the house at the time. When Joshua sent spies into Jericho, they stayed with a woman named Rahab who lied to the King’s officials in order to save their lives. I told the King’s official a small lie, but it might keep the King away from the Jews who live here.” Rebekah added, “We now have a different problem on our hands. We are apparently being watched and we need to change our approach. Heinrich, do you have any completed iron works here? Heinrich thought about it and said, “actually, I do. There’s an iron gate and railing we made for a customer, but he died before we could deliver it to him. I know what you’re thinking - that beautiful mind of yours has a plan. If we load that piece into the wagon, it’ll give me an excuse to be on the road. Perhaps we should have you leave tomorrow morning early, out the back door and across country with Sarah, so I would be the only one seen leaving tomorrow. We could meet up again later at the outskirts of town - let’s see, what would be on the way... how about the intersection of Muhlweg and Berliner Chaussee? Rebekah had no clue where that was but Sarah said, “Yes, that would be a good place. I know of a path that runs close by our house and goes in that direction.” Rebekah was impressed, “That’s even better than what I was thinking.” Heinrich added quickly, “But I am concerned about you and Sarah going out alone when it’s near dawn.” Sarah reassured them, “Don’t worry, I’ve been on it before, when I was a little girl; it’s bordered by brambles and trees;  we’ll be seen by rabbits and deer. It adds a little intrigue to the whole affair.”
By now it was nearly dark. Freyda said, “This will be our last night together, for this time anyway. With sundown coming, I have gotten things ready for Havdalah and supper after that. Then we can load the wagon. But let's all get ready first by washing up. So each went to their own place and partook of the common washing area. When they returned they saw that the table was set up in a similar manner to last night’s Sabbath meal. It gave them a sense that they were participating in an ancient tradition. A special time that called for special preparation. Rebekah smiled and viewed the table as she thought, this was a family she would love to be part of, but it was their last time together and she had no idea if there would be other times. 

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