Sunday, June 21, 2015

What I’d like you to say is Yes!

“You are in luck! We do.” 

“Oh wonderful. I also have a horse and wagon. Is there a place where I can secure him for the night?” As the Inn keeper got the keys and received payment from Heinrich he said, “There is a place right behind us, though it’s owned by someone else. If you hurry you might get him before their evening is over.”

He had a smile on his face as he approached the wagon which immediately relayed that he got the rooms so the girls smiled too. They had everything together so Heinrich took their hands as they stepped down, each with a bag in their other hand.

“I have to find a place to board the horse. Here are the keys - you pick the best room and I’ll see you in a little bit.” 

Off Heinrich went, guiding the horse, while the ladies headed inside. Once they got some help on where the rooms were, they headed off and checked them out. One had two beds, a table, and a closet. The other room, which was across the hall had one larger bed. They both had a pitcher for water and a wash basin. There was a room down the hall to use as a bathroom. Its plumbing was primitive but a step up from the outhouse they were used to. Sarah lit the lamps in the rooms.

Heinrich came back in 10 minutes, and sat down on one of the two beds that were in the girl’s room. “The stable was about to close when I walked in; in a way, I’m glad we had the robbery scare - it gave us the incentive to get here faster. I also talked with the Inn-keeper about the stage coach. It leaves about 4 blocks from here, tomorrow at 9. He is going to wake us up in the morning.”

Rebekah spoke, “You have to ride back all day tomorrow and need as much sleep as you can get. That doesn’t leave us much time together.”  

“Yes, I know. It would be good to talk about what’s next. I’m afraid when we get back, normal life will take over and we’ll start to forget what we said. We need to set some dates and goals.”

Rebekah nodded her head in approval. “I already said I’d need to help my Mother for a while. I do have one other trip I’m supposed to make after that. I’ll send you a letter as soon as I can, and you can have one ready to send back when you receive it. That should give you enough time to discuss the whole idea about moving with your Mother and you can tell me what she thinks. If it all works out maybe we can see each other again later in the summer. If we need to communicate via code I’ll send separate instructions about that. Of course, none of this includes changes in the world, politics, and our health. I’m not sure what else to say at this point.”

Heinrich seized that last comment and tied it to his proposal in the wagon, “I’m serious about the Chuppa! What I’d like you to say is Yes! I love you and this last week and a half has been the most exciting time of my life!”

Stepping out in faith, Rebekah finally said it, “Yes, I’d love to be with you under the Chuppa! If only our fathers could seal the deal with a glass of wine.”

Heinrich replied, “Tell me more.”

“To enter into the Betrothal, or Erusin as it’s called in Hebrew, the fathers would come to an agreement and drink to it over a glass of wine. The bride is then sanctified, or dedicated to the groom. After a few months, the marriage occurs, under a Chuppa. The only thing is where can we find a rabbi who believes in Yeshua to do it?”

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