Thursday, October 22, 2015

Update on September post

September has passed and the red moon has waxed and waned – and where do we stand? 

Many pundits on the internet are taking Jonathan Cahn and Mark Bilitz to task for their warnings which, in their minds, produced nothing. In their defense, neither one said anything would have to happen on a particular day. Mark Bilitz: “I am not prophesying or predicting what will happen over the next two years, but if you look at the Scriptures alongside the patterns of history, we can definitely see two things. Based on what happened in 1948 and in 1967, there is a high probability of a major prophetic war that will involve Israel… War often has a huge effect on the economy, which, based on the shemitah-year pattern, could be the other high-probability event.”

Jonathan points to the large drop in the stock market over the last few months as a partial fulfillment but we must remember that Israel is the main focus and Israel is now undergoing perilous times with stabbings in the streets and an out of control war on their border. Russia and Iran have entered Syria which is a hotbed of fanaticism.

When I was aboard my aircraft carrier off the coast of Israel in 1970, during the time when the PLO was being evicted from Jordan, two Israeli Phantom jets flew over us. They were saying thank you for being there. The Russians flew toward us on a regular basis from Egypt as well, but they were testing us to see how well we could detect them. The area was tense, but not explosive.

Russia has been launching airstrikes from an airfield in Western Syria. Iran is, no doubt, working on their nuclear program despite what the Iran deal maintains. Iran’s recent launch of a medium range ballistic missile, the publicizing of underground tunnels to house them, and the fact that they are driven by an apocalyptic vision is beyond scary. All we need now is for Turkey to get involved. According to Joel Richardson, that would then set the stage for Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38/39.)

Where is the United States in all this? Under Obama, we have snubbed Israel and given in to nations who have not given up their resolve. The point is the pot is boiling and I wouldn’t call Bilitz’s or Cahn’s bluff just yet. Just saying...It's all in the timing...

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