Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sabbath plans

Rebekah asked, “I was wondering about tomorrow. Does your family observe Sabbath?” This was a touchy subject for Freyda, so she responded rather pensively, “To be honest, we, as a family, have not observed Sabbath on Friday and Saturday. Hans and I discussed this many times before, but the simplest answer was to assimilate into the culture. It was part of our strategy to keep the options open for Sarah and Heinrich. I only told the children about their Jewish roots a few weeks ago – just before you came. I heard a sermon that made me angry and I felt it was time to tell them. Could you help us put it together? Obviously I remember it very well from my childhood.” 

Rebekah responded, “I understand it’s a delicate balancing act living in the Gentile culture while still wanting to be true to the commandments. Especially when Christians belittle it. We could put the meal together, set a nice table, and I could do some teaching. I’ve changed some of the prayers to incorporate Jesus. It should be a good time. We’ll impress upon Heinrich to be home as soon as possible before it gets dark.”

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