Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thursday evening

Thursday evening.

As Heinrich opened the door to his house, he was saddened to think that there were only two more evenings left with Rebekah in the house. This sadness was both accentuated and consoled as he saw her across the room. Smiles were instantly exchanged, then simmered to a more thoughtful reflection. The routine of early evening was underway as Heinrich greeted everyone. “Hello Mother; Hi Sarah; Rebekah; it’s good to be home with all of you. It’s a privilege that I take for granted, yet it’s a real blessing.” Sarah was impressed by this philosophical introspection; Freyda suspected what was behind it, and Rebekah agreed with him for she too knew that being here was a privilege. Heinrich brought things back to the moment by asking, “What’s for supper?” as he peeked in a pot and lifted a lid. “Just some stew,” said Freyda. Rebekah quickly added, “Not just any old stew, but beef stew marinated in red wine with apple tart for dessert. It’s an old favorite at our house and I was running out of days to try it out.” Heinrich replied, “Is there anything you can’t do?” Rebekah blushed and didn’t reply. 

The meal was indeed exceptional and everyone lingered over the apple tart and expressed their thanks to Rebekah. In the after glow, Freyda introduced the subject of Sabbath. “Heinrich and Sarah, Rebekah asked if we observed Sabbath on Friday. I was somewhat embarrassed to say that we didn’t. It’s a long story why we haven’t but I won’t get into that now. Rebekah suggested that we try it and I’d like to get your reaction to it. Would you be willing to observe, as best we can, Sabbath tomorrow night and Saturday? A lot of preparation goes into this, so it would mean a lot of work for the women folk here. Is this OK with you and would you help to do it right? Rebekah said that she’d be happy to help and to help us understand its meaning. Heinrich, you would need to get home before sunset and we’ll make sure all of our shopping is done before then.” She waited for a response. Sarah quickly said “I think it would be wonderful and sounds special.” Heinrich had many thoughts, but easily agreed, “Count me in; it will be a fitting end to this special time with our special guest. But I have to do some things on Saturday afternoon to get ready for the trip.”

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