Sunday, July 27, 2014

the LORD will be my protector and guide!

Rebekah had been near the back door when she heard Sarah yell and immediately went out the door. After a quick survey of the area she headed for the back of the shed. She was out of sight for now but needed to improve her position. The shed itself was a dead end, so she looked to the country behind. The road was to the left and straight ahead was the woods. Checking that there was no one in sight, she crouched down and headed for the woods. It took a few minutes until she came to what looked like a path. She got behind a bush and looked at the house.
Rebekah's first impression was that there was a good bit of distance to the house. The shed unfortunately covered the view of the front yard, so she couldn’t tell if whoever had come was still there. She would just have to wait. In the meantime she took inventory of her surroundings and planned where she would go if she needed a better escape. She prayed silently, 'Please God, may it not come to that.' She was watching intently when she noticed movement in Heinrich’s upstairs window. The unwanted guest was searching the house. She was glad she was outside, but the reality of the need for hiding at all overshadowed that.
Her mind started strategizing; how could she put this family into danger any longer? She should just leave right now! But the few things she had were in the house - oh my! - what if they were found? And she wouldn't be able to say good bye. She sensed a lurking panic which made her mad because she was not a quitter. She stopped and looked into the brambles, then whispered with an attitude, "Get out of here haSatan! the LORD will be my protector and guide!"

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