Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Coast is Clear

Then she heard the back door open and angled herself so she could watch but not be seen, or at least she hoped not. It was a man and Freyda in tow, heading to the shed. Rebekah was glad the wagon wasn't here yet. They went inside and then reappeared after a short while. As he scanned the horizon Rebekah sunk down even lower and was glad she wasn’t wearing any bright colors. But now she couldn’t see them and didn’t hear much either. How would she know when the danger was over? 
The man was satisfied that he had searched the area, since he was told that the land behind their shed was not theirs. Rather than go inside again, he walked around the house and went back to the front where the gate was. Freyda said nothing during all of this since she didn’t want to say or do anything that might cause suspicion. When they finally arrived at the gate, he summed up the results, “Very good Herr Freyda, I’m sorry to have bothered you. I will tell my supervisor that someone had been here, but she has left. 
With that he withdrew and Sarah closed the door. With the two of them in the empty foyer, there was a mixed feeling of relief and foreboding. They looked out the window and watched as the man walked out of sight. Then their eyes panned the few neighboring houses, wondering if one of them was to blame. That’s when Freyda told Sarah, “Rebekah! I think I saw her in the back yard; all I could see was a leg moving away.” So they went to the back of the house and opened the door to find Rebekah approaching, with a look of concern and puzzlement. No words were spoken, as Freyda moved aside and motioned her to come in.

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