Saturday, November 15, 2014

Nothing comes to us by chance

With raindrops falling all around them, Sarah said, “Well I can’t guarantee we won’t have any problems.” Let’s go inside and discuss this with everyone”, said Heinrich. As they made their way back the elements were making the thought of a morning hike less desirable; Heinrich’s mind was searching for another alternative. They opened the door to find Freyda and Rebekah ready to greet them. Freyda, noting their wet look of discouragement, asked Heinrich, “Did you find the trail?” Heinrich hadn’t talked over what to say with Sarah, but began anyway, “The trail is there but in addition to being cold and wet, I don’t feel good about using it. I’m wondering if there’s a better way to do this. What if we had Rebekah hide underneath the tarp on the wagon, which I was going to use anyway to cover the railing? She could then come out once we left Wittenberg.” This brought Rebekah over to join Freyda, who said, “I guess that could work. You are all doing so much for me, and I feel bad about putting you through all of this. Joshua’s two spies hid under some flax in Jericho and they got away. As long as I can make it from the house to the wagon without being seen.” Freyda was relieved, for she was worried about the cross country hike too; she summed it up for everyone by saying, “Then we’ll conceal you as comfortably as we can and make the transition from here to there as discreet as possible.” Exactly how they would do it she didn’t know, but she had faith they would think of something.

As everyone  disbursed, Freyda went over to Heinrich and spoke softly, “Is the tarp in place and is there enough room for Rebekah?” Heinrich spoke quietly as well, “Yes, though I plan on loosening it up a little and tying it down really well once she’s inside. We should give her a pillow and a blanket. Hopefully she’ll only have to be there for a few minutes.”

Though everyone needed their sleep, Freyda knew she needed to be up before everyone else, just before dawn. The only way she could guarantee that was to stay up all night and spend some of that time in prayer. Besides, she had the luxury of sleeping once they left. She went around and hugged everyone saying things like ‘God be with you’ and ‘I hope you have a safe and quiet trip’. She gave a special hug for Rebekah, and added these words,”Nothing comes to us by chance in this life and I know you are a special gift from God. We all love you very much and want to stay involved. As far as Heinrich and you are concerned, I trust that good things will come from that as well. I still look forward to discovering more about how my husband was involved with your father. God bless you.” Rebekah listened intently as Freyda spoke, nodding her head frequently. She looked intensely as well, hoping to memorize Freyda’s beautiful wise face. Rebekah’s smile was edged with uncertainty as she replied, “I love you too and your whole family as well. It’s exciting to think that this is continuing a relationship that had such secret beginnings. We are together in this and we’ll see what God has in store for all of us, including Heinrich and I.” They hugged again and Rebekah went over to Heinrich with this comment, “Goodbyes are hard - they always are. Thank the Lord there is more to life than our short lives, for it goes by so fast.” Seeing that as a segue into a parting comment, Heinrich replied, “Yes, I agree; we need to seize the opportunities that come our way for we may never have another chance.” “Chance is a strange word to use when God is involved”, countered Rebekah. “Divine appointments then, that are orchestrated by the infinite wisdom of God’s Hand, will be our guide, though we won’t often know the whys or the means,” said Heinrich in a decidedly more confident manner. He added, “Do I get a hug too?” What could she say, but “Yes, I would love to hug you.” Heinrich embraced her in a way that was more than a hug, but short of an overtly romantic spectacle. It produced in him a feeling of exhilaration and excitement that he fought to control, for his natural reaction was to sigh and marvel with effusive romantic language how good she felt against him. He wanted to kiss her, but knew now was not the time; perhaps later, when they said their last good byes. With his mind spinning with emotions, they separated. As the sole audience, Sarah and Freyda were at a loss for what to say, so they clasped their hands together and smiled; indeed everyone smiled and knew that this was the time for sleep.

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