Wednesday, November 26, 2014

From one dream to another

Heinrich was soon dreaming; he and Sarah were in the wagon at the intersection that was in their original plan when a man in a uniform stopped them at the corner. "Heinrich, It's very early for you to be out on the road isn't it? My officer was sent to your home yesterday looking for a Jewish woman, but came back with nothing.” Then I talked with the stable owner and found out that you rented a horse and carriage.” Heinrich was determined not to appear nervous or afraid as he replied, "I have to deliver an iron railing that I constructed for a customer who lives far away.” The man seized the segue, “Does the missing Jewish girl have anything to do with this wagon leaving so early on a Sunday?" With that, he proceeded towards an edge of the tarpaulin that was loose and pulled it back! At that point Heinrich woke up. Disoriented and frightened, he gradually calmed down as he realized it was only a dream. He glanced around the room and saw it was still dark, though there was no way to know what time it was. He debated if he should get up or not. Finally, he got dressed and went downstairs.

The familiar layout was just  discernible in the dark; a few coals pulsated in the fireplace to provide a little light. In the alcove where Rebekah and Sarah slept he heard light breathing and hoped they would stay sleeping. Then he went to the front room and peered out the windows, half expecting to see a sentry watching their every move.
His intense gaze was startled by whispering behind him. "Why are you up?" Heinrich turned around, "Mother-why are you here?" She answered  from her makeshift bed on the floor, "I figured someone had to listen for the birds to announce the dawn." I can sleep once you're on your way." Heinrich was humbled, "You're amazing! I've learned a lot of things this week, and one of those is how wonderful you are. Course, I've always known that but it has become more meaningful to me somehow. I had a bad dream that woke me up. I just hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow." She replied, "Yes, I pray it will too. We must do our best and leave it in His hands. I know it's easy to say but hard to do. You better try to get some more rest; you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow. I love you and everyone else on that wagon."

Heinrich agreed and quietly went upstairs. He left his clothes on and laid down. As he listened to the rain outside, he was thinking about the sovereignty of God when he drifted off to sleep.

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