Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hiding Rebekah

His mind was starting to get into a deeper phase of sleep when the next stimulus, a gentle hand on his shoulder, woke him up. He opened his eyes to see his Mother’s face as she smiled and said, "Good morning...I've woken the girls and they're using the privy under cover of darkness. I’m making breakfast. Heinrich felt rested and ready for the plan to begin. After thanking his Mother, he went downstairs and assessed the situation. Rebekah was there and Heinrich went over to her. She spoke  softly, "Sarah is at the privy and I just came from there. When you come back we can eat breakfast together." About this time Sarah came in and Heinrich took his turn. And so it was a few minutes later that they were all sitting down in the dim light of a lamp. After breakfast he got the horse harnessed to the wagon and wanted to take a few more precautions; he went to the shed and felt his way around the semi darkness. He came out with several items that were bulky yet believable for the presumed cause. He placed them carefully around the tarp and configured it all so there was a spot for Rebekah to hide. He placed a sack against a part of the railing that would provide some cover and a cushion. With the wagon ready he went to the house.

When he opened the door everyone was together and they looked ready to go. He came in and joined the circle. As always, mother began,”We’ve packed enough food and water for everyone. There are extra blankets and clothes to keep you warm and dry. I was thinking that we could have Sarah and Heinrich go out first with the supplies and provide a diversion on the other side of the wagon while Rebekah sneaks out low to the ground until shed’s by the wagon. Then Heinrich could get up on the wagon to complete the load, opening up the end of the tarp for Rebekah to get in. I know this sounds like paranoia but we can’t be too careful.” Everyone nodded. “Heinrich, could you lead us in prayer?” “Sure Mother.”

Aware that time was of the essence, Heinrich began, “Dear Father, We have finally come to this time and we thank you for bringing everything together. We ask for your protection as we head out today and be with Mother as we are gone. I pray that you will bring us to our destination without any problems. Thwart the plans of our enemies. And take Rebekah safely to Krakow. As to our futures, be our guide and work all things out for your glory. Amen” Rebekah chimed in, “There’s a special Jewish prayer when going on a trip, I’d like to pray a shortened version of it.  ‘May it be your will, O Lord our God, to direct our steps to our destination in peace. Deliver us from the hands of every enemy and lurking foe on the journey, and bestow blessing upon all of our actions. Grant us grace, kindness, and mercy in your eyes. I pray for a special blessing on this family, who have been so gracious to me. Blessed are you O Lord, who hears our prayers.  Amen.” Freyda hugged everyone and shed a few tears in the process.

They put Freyda’s plan into effect. When it came time to hide Rebekah, Sarah and Heinrich provided plenty of distraction as she snuck in low and then stepped on a stool to get into the wagon under the raised cover of the tarp. She situated herself as comfortably as possible as Heinrich covered everything so if anything like his dream occurred, they would have done their best. With Heinrich at the reins and Sarah by his side they headed onto the street. 

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