Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rebekah, how were you able to read the New Testament?

After about 15 minutes making good time, Heinrich trimmed the horse back into a more normal gait. His curiosity kept thinking of questions, so he asked another, hoping it wouldn’t trigger more painful memories. “Rebekah, how were you able to read the New Testament? I was amazed that our family had one; in fact that's something I really want to know more about. But it's very uncommon and so I was wondering how you were able to do it.” 

“You’re right, the fact that you have a copy of Wycliffe’s second edition is amazing. We are entering an era where more of these will be coming out, but it’s been a rarity. There are courageous people, such as Tyndale, Erasmus, and yes, Martin Luther who are in the process of translating scripture. Actually, your father and my father, and a few others have been instrumental in encouraging and funding the work. But it has been dangerous and is one of the reasons why I came to see you.” 

Heinrich was having flash backs to the discovery of the  articles. “So that’s why the money and the wheel were there and the Bible was in our attic!” “Yes, we- I have a copy of the Greek New Testament that was made by Erasmus - through a go between - and we’ve had access to the Latin Vulgate. Fortunately, I studied Greek and Latin in college; I’ve been speaking Hebrew all my life and know a bit of German since our family came from there.” Heinrich was impressed and amazed yet again by her.

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