Friday, May 22, 2015

It’s unfortunate the Truth seems so elusive.

Heinrich countered, “Are you saying you agree to the idea of getting married?” 

Rebekah felt out maneuvered, “I agree to the idea, but the reality of it is still hard to grasp.” She suddenly felt tired as she thought about all the work that would be involved to make this happen. “One step at a time,” is all she said. The three of them had no more to say for at least 10 minutes. They looked at the scenery, which was mostly farmland with an occasional patch of woods. There were a few flocks of birds that caught their attention, but otherwise it was rather boring. A good discussion seemed a lot more interesting. 

Surprisingly enough, it was Sarah who spoke first, “You know, I’ve never felt like I was part of a minority until now, or that what I believed in was considered undesirable. It’s true that being part of Luther’s Germany has put us all at odds with Rome, but at least we felt it was a true and noble goal and that we were all going through it together. But the bias against Jews is so ingrained in Europe’s psyche that both Rome and Luther are likely in agreement on this. It makes me feel vulnerable and displaced to be on the Jewish side of the debate. I can understand a little of the feeling that Jews must have had through the centuries.” 

Rebekah added, “It’s sad to hear you say that. On the one hand I want to say I’m sorry you are caught up in this predicament, and on the other I’m honored to have you as a sister in this journey. It’s unfortunate the Truth seems so elusive. I sometimes wonder why God allows so much misinformation to flourish. It reminds me of the story where Eliyahu (Elijah) asks God to reveal the unseen world to his servant. He does and the veil is lifted for a few seconds such that the servant sees a great heavenly host at war. There’s another curious verse where the archangel Michael is sent to answer Daniel’s prayer, but he gets delayed for a period of time because he has to engage in spiritual warfare with the Prince of Persia! HaSatan hates the Jews and clearly there is more to the spiritual realm than we can understand. In the long run our faithfulness to the truth is what matters, even if it means we are considered heretics by the spiritual leaders. It was no different for Yeshua. Consider that He didn’t save his own cousin from the fury of the authorities and that He Himself suffered at their hands. He wept over their lost opportunity because the Kingdom of God was offered to them but they chose to fight it instead. Timing is everything and the destruction of Jerusalem 40 years later was the result. Their dispersion and enmity with the world was predicted and has been our lot ever since. We are now part of a small remnant that sees this dilemma and has chosen the righteous side. I just hope and pray that we will have Heaven’s help in living faithfully in as much peace as possible, even though that may mean we have to live in Poland for now. For whatever it’s worth, I love both of you and your Mother and I will do whatever I can to see you through this.”

It was a poignant summary of what they were part of and brought a feeling of unity causing them to put their arms around each other as the horse plodded on. When the moment had spent itself, Rebekah said, “You know most of what we’ve been talking about on this trip has been serious and gloomy stuff. Surely we can balance it with some fun. Do you have any stories that can bring a smile to our faces?” As they thought of things to mention, they rode through the rather nondescript town of Dennewitz. 

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