Tuesday, May 19, 2015

And to think I'm the cause of it all (Heinrich)

Rebekah began, “There are lots of details that we’d have to take care of- I can’t believe I’m saying this - if we got married. I am assuming we’d live in Krakow - but if so this would cause an enormous amount of change and loss to your family.” She looked at Sarah who was nodding her head in cautious agreement. 

Rebekah continued, “I would have no problem if your whole family moved to Krakow, but you’d have to sell your business and your house and move everything a long distance to Krakow. And then you’d have to find a way to make a living in a place where you don’t speak the language. Do you really want to do this? Does your Mother and sister want to do this?” 

Rebekah was looking right at Sarah, who answered, "I can’t speak for Momma, but I think I’m flexible enough to do it. I don’t know how hard it would be to sell the shop and the house; hopefully we’d make enough money to start over in Krakow. From all I’ve been hearing it sounds like Germany isn’t a very safe place anymore, especially, - I can’t believe I’m saying this - for Jews.”

Rebekah added, “I did speak with your Mother about moving; actually she brought the subject up; she was almost resigned to the fact that it might have to happen. Nobody likes change; things go along for a while without a problem, and then Boom, something comes along to upset things and before you know it you’re caught up in a drastic change to life as you knew it. The people in the Bible give us many such examples.” 

Heinrich added, “And to think I'm the cause of it all.” 

Rebekah interjected rather forcefully, “You’re giving yourself too much credit! If we believe that the Lord is in the midst of this and has orchestrated the events that have brought us this far, who are you to doubt it?” 

Heinrich countered, “Are you saying you agree to the idea of getting married?” 

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