Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Menu Item, Shavuot 2016 Conference, and Book Corner

New Menu Item

Check out the top menu bar for the entry: Wittenberg Encounter. That tells about my first book which I just published on Kindle. I encourage you to get this on Kindle and let me know what you think. I’ve created the website to collect questions and comments and the blog to promote the books I plan to write in the series. I’m well into the second book, Prague Rendezvous, and I hope to release it later this year or early next year and I have a good start on the third book: Krakow Union.

Shavuot 2016 Conference

I attended the Shavuot 2016 conference in Hudson, Wisconsin a few weeks ago. It was a wonderful time. I continue to be impressed by First Fruits of Zion and I encourage you to become a “Friend” – a sustaining contributor to their ministry. Some of the staff who taught were: Boaz Michael, D. Thomas Lancaster, Toby Janicki, Jordan Levy, Jacob Fronczak, and Aaron Eby. It was great to be able to speak with many of them one on one. The dynamic congregation at Beth Immanuel Messianic synagogue in Hudson is amazing. Their teachers and staff are some of the best in the Messianic movement and people are moving from all over the country just to live there and attend it. While I had to leave before it all ended, I did attend all of the teaching sessions and did experience the Sabbath service which was led by the amazing Troy Mitchell. Check this guy out!

Book Corner

There are three related books I recently read by Michael S. Heiser: The Unseen Realm introduces the beings which populate the Unseen Spiritual world using references in the Bible that are often overlooked or ignored. It reads more like a topical Bible Study. The Façade Saga is a series of novels that mentions some of the concepts from the Unseen Realm, but does so through a very interesting storyline. In a sense, Michael has done what I am trying to do with my Intriguing Love series: use a story with endearing characters to explore many concepts which are bigger than the plot itself. I heartedly recommend these books!

·      The Unseen Realm
·      Façade (Façade Saga Series Book 1)
·      Portent (Façade Saga Series Book 2) (the third book is not yet released)

I am currently reading Yeshua Matters by Jacob Franczak. I met Jacob at the Shavuot conference. He has written a number of articles for the FFOZ Messiah magazine. His story reads a little like my life. As a normal evangelical who went to Bible school but didn’t really understand Jesus, Jacob sought to learn more. His family moved to a small town in Lower Michigan where he started to explore the Jewishness of Jesus. He then went on to Seminary and now leads a church in Coldwater, Michigan. But it’s probably not a normal church in that he is very knowledgeable about the Jewishness of Yeshua and doesn’t want to make the same mistakes that confused him when he was younger.

I also picked up the book The Concealed Light by Tsvi Sadan at the Shavuot conference. Tsvi is a Messianic Jew in Israel. The book goes through many of the names of Mashiach (Messiah) and explains how the Jewish sources interpreted them. I enjoy reading it.

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